Daily After School Activities

The ZONE curriculum is tailored around exercise and having FUN!. Each day we will incorporate the activities listed below, while constantly changing the flow so your child does not get burnt out on any single activity throughout the semester. Our number one priority is to make sure your child is constantly engaged and of course, having fun! 

+ Self-Defense
+ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
+ Kickboxing

+ Martial Arts Fitness Challenges
+ Guided Instructions and Bi Weekly Challenges
+ Black Belt Leadership

+ Black Belt Nutrition Lessons


Campuses for pick up
Voss Farms
Walnut Springs
Oak Creek
Goodwin Fraiser
County Line Elementary

Drop in options also available!

*currently on a wait list

We are determining the last few campuses for

pick up we have several on the "Interested" list.

Once we have five or more families interested in each campus we will contact you and convert the "Interested" option to offer pick up registration. If you would like to see us add a school, please fill out the registration form

(its free to be on the interested list)
We will have these campuses selected by July 15, 2019.

Don't see your campus?
We offer students the option to be dropped off after school and still be a part of our program! 

Early Release

pick up




Bi Weekly Guided Challenge Themes

​"The Black Belt" Nutrition and Lifestyle

Every two weeks we will shift focus to the next Bi-Monthly theme. Each theme will have unique challenges paired with daily guided instruction to instill the essential core beliefs and values needed to live a healthy and productive lifestyle.

+ Nutrition

+ Integrity
+ Self-Worth
+ Focus/Goal Setting
+ Courage
+ Championship Lifestyle

+ Friendships/Healthy Relationships

+ Responsibility
+ Perseverance
+ Humility



For non students it is $70 (per week) and for existing students $62 (per week) Existing students include Extreme Martial Arts, Extreme Gymnastics, or Extreme Team Summer Camp students.


Typical semesters are on average 20 weeks long.


**For the Extreme student Discount of $62.00 the Participant must be a student or camper at Extreme Martial Arts, Extreme Gymnastic or Extreme Summer Camp.


***The $70 Registration Rate is for participants who are not currently Extreme students.


Every day while your child is getting in the ZONE, we will have a guided instruction session followed by a related weekly challenge. Students will then be able to participate in fun and engaging martial arts activities that will promote a healthy lifestyle all the while instilling core essential traits such as courage and integrity.

Children will be able to practice their self-control, balance, honor, and team work skills on a day-to-day basis during their martial arts lessons. All knowledge and instruction is passed down and taken from Coaches Garrett Poole, Ally Poole, and Sarah Berdoza. These coaches have committed their lives to enhancing the lives of others by being excellent role models and by being able to inspire all those around them.

We will be picking up the kids at time of school dismissal, providing a snack and will have a interactive and structured day planned everyday for your child. Here at the ZONE we know the importance of FUN and the emphasis will always be placed on your child and their level of engagement.

We are excited to offer yet another martial arts outlet for children to stay active, and have a safe place for them to express themselves as they learn and grow with each other through martial arts. We are proud to continue to serve the community of New Braunfels, and can not wait to meet you next semester!!